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The Resin & Membrane Centre (RMC) offers the best solutions and materials to cover your roof and flooring and to set your mind at rest. The materials used are insulating, guaranteed to last and to provide the best protection.

RMC is Malta’s leading supplier of liquid and bitumen waterproofing membrane, resin flooring and all Naici products.

For the professional, the builder or the DIY enthusiast, RMC covers it all. The materials supplied can be applied by the clients themselves but RMC can provide professionals to do the work if that is preferred.
RMC is affiliated with the Malta Professional Waterproofing and Resin Flooring Association. This ensures that all work carried out by RMC is done according to stringent trade rules.

Save on energy costs throughout the year by keeping your home, office or factory cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The RMC thermal waterproofing liquid resin membrane solution gives more insulation, less maintenance and more durability. All this comes with a 15-year guarantee.

Resin & Membrane Centre, We are Quality.

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