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The Resin and Membrane Centre offers a wide range of products mostly directed to the building Industry. At our showroom one can find a vast range of products intended to cater any type of exigency,

We make use of NAICI products to ensure that every work is carried out at best. Our products can be applied by our personnel or by an applicator of your choice. Our products are easy to apply and guaranteed to last. We also cater for the do-it-yourself sector.

Our product range include

  • Liquid resin fibre reinforced membranes for waterproofing of roofs, balconies etc.
  • Root repellent liquid membranes for flower beds and foundation walls
  • Resin liquid membranes for waterproofing of bathrooms
  • Transparent and water repellent membrane for waterproofing of tiles
  • Cements and Resins for waterproofing of wells, fountains, swimming pools and reservoirs
  • Tile adhesives , self levelling concrete, quick dry cements, polymer sealers for joints and  latex
  • Stone treatments, stone consolidating spirit s and treatments for waterproofing of walls
  • Anti-mould products , treatments against raising humidity and Saltpetre
  • Vapour barriers against raising damp
  • Resin flooring and resin walls
  • Epoxy and polyurethane paints
  • Industrial  and professional cleaning products
  • Solvents
  • Cleaning products  for graffiti and paints
  • Cleaning products  for concrete mixers
  • Fountains and swimming pools finishes
  • Do-it –yourself products

NAICI products are MADE IN ITALY 

Naici Products are designed to meet today’s demanding building exigencies and also to safe guard the environment. NAICI products meet the strict environment standard certifications with regards low emissions and production materials used.

For more information with regards NAICI products kindly visit

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