• Water repellent agent for vertical surfaces HYDROBLOC is a transparent polysiloxane-based product that protects surfaces from moisture, rain and weather effects, HYDROBLOC does not form a layer, it’s evanescent components penetrate inside the support forming a protective shield against the elements, it is also recommended on highly absorbent surfaces.  
  • NAICOPLAST Transparent Membrane

  • Fiber-reinforced waterproofing liquid resin to be activated with Portland cement, resistant to traffic and can withstand direct bonding of tiles ( ideal for pools and pool areas, ponds, terraces, balconies, foundations and outside areas in general)
  • Wet look effect waterproof consolidator for NAISTONE LUX is the ideal treatment to waterproof, strengthen and embellish natural stone surfaces (lava stone, tuff, sandstone, golden stone, Carparo, limestone, marble, travertine and natural stones in general), leaving the rendered areas water and oil repellent, with a nice wet look effect. Also ideal for protecting plaster, stucco and drains.
  • GUAINA C resin and cement membrane 18Kg ideal to waterproof pools, foundations, beneath tiles
  • Resin Finish coating with micro fibres, applied by roller or brush, with reflective index (SRI) 109. For protection from UV rays and heat. Waterproofing system for all building surfaces in general.

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