• The Fibreglass MATT 225" is special reinforcement for liquid resin membranes that can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces This  net bestows strength, flexibility and elasticity making the covered surface resistant to heavy traffic.  
  • Fibro Dark Micro Fibre


  • GUAINA C resin and cement membrane 18Kg ideal to waterproof pools, foundations, beneath tiles
  • Fiber-reinforced waterproofing liquid resin to be activated with Portland cement, resistant to traffic and can withstand direct bonding of tiles ( ideal for pools and pool areas, ponds, terraces, balconies, foundations and outside areas in general)
  • Water repellent agent for vertical surfaces HYDROBLOC is a transparent polysiloxane-based product that protects surfaces from moisture, rain and weather effects, HYDROBLOC does not form a layer, it’s evanescent components penetrate inside the support forming a protective shield against the elements, it is also recommended on highly absorbent surfaces.  
  • Latticem

    LATTICEM is an emulsion of synthetic resins that bestows particular adhesion characteristics to concrete. It is used in all applications of cement to impart good elasticity, adhesion, frost resistance and waterproofing.
  • NAI 60

    Solvent-free transparent epoxy resin NAI 60 is a solvent-free epoxy anchoring primer for absorbent surfaces, with verification effect and high penetration properties. It is used as an adhesive on normal and absorbent building surfaces, prior to epoxy or polyurethane applications. Also, perfect for resin art applications
  • NAI BY 19

    Water dispersion polymer for sand and cement mortars to increase resistance to compression and movements. Also, can be used as an anchoring agent.
  • NAI CM kolflex (25Kg)

  • Instant waterproofing mortar. NAI CM OSMORAPID is a cement compound powder, fast setting, designed for the immediate stoppage of water infiltrations, even from the outside (counterforce), and for the closure of cracks. The best product for interior interventions and when there are no other solutions (ex. basement walls, foundation walls, galleries, tunnels, basements, elevator shafts, etc.) and for waterproofing of structures subject to leakages (tanks, reservoirs, canals, pipelines, tanks, swimming pools, etc.)

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